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P.F. Candle Co. Incense

Charcoal-based Incense is hand-dipped in P.F. Candle Co.'s studio and packaged in kraft sleeves. Incense quickly transforms a room: transformative smoke uplifts the space while the signature scents linger for hours even after extinguishing.


Each kraft package contains 15 sticks. Incense sticks measure approximately 10.75" long and burn for about 1 hour. Depending on room size, scent longevity lasts between 2-4 hours.


Scent Profiles:


Sandalwood Rose

-New York meets Los Angeles. Cashmere rose, oud, and sandalwood.


Teakwood & Tobacco

-The one that started it all. Some call it the boyfriend scent, we call it the O.G. Leather, teak, and orange.


Patchouli Sweetgrass

-A windows-open, incense-burning Saturday with nowhere to be. Cream, sweetgrass, and smoke.



-Day-tripping in the desert, spring’s first bloom, infinite blankets of kaleidoscopic wildflowers. Golden-rayed lily, yarrow, and tonka bean.


Cedar & Sagebrush

-Miles of ancient stone and minerals, moments of calm on a windswept ridge, deep inhales overlooking arid wildland. Aromatic, dry, and woody. Granite, dry sage, and Sierra juniper.

P.F. Candle Co. Incense

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